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Survivor Connections, Inc.
needs volunteers in these areas:
gatherers of local news
newsletter sponsors

Survivor Connections, Inc.
52 Lyndon Road
Cranston, RI 02905-1121
United States of America

Wanted: gatherers of local news

Many of the stories in the “World News Snapshots” and “USA News Snapshots” sections of our Survivor Connections’ newsletter, The Survivor Activist, are compiled from wire service articles. Right now we pick up global information via AP, UPI, Reuters, PA, and AAP. Other sources include the Boston Globe and Providence Journal. But if the news story never reaches the national or international recognition level, we do not even hear of it (much less print it) unless someone sends it to us. what is a major story in a local town or city, often never makes the national and international wire services. Therefore, the extent of sexual abuse is currently not well-known, simply because it is not publicized globally.

Besides for use in the newsletter, Frank strives to index national and local stories of interest to enhance our perpetrator database. Frank also uses the information to document features in his writing (his book in progress, or articles for other newsletters or newspapers).

What we are looking for are newspaper articles that show denial in society, repeat offenders, use of the Internet by perps, sexual abuse by people in positions of power such as doctors, therapists, teachers, clergy, incest, and ritual abuse. (Also, see the Snapshots posted on this web site to get an idea of what we are looking for).

For substantiation and proper indexing, we need a complete copy of the article with the full date and page numbers written on it, the full name of the newspaper, and the city and state (and country if not the USA) where the newspaper is located. (No need to tell us that the New York Times is in New York or that the Boston Globe is in Boston, but there are many, many local newspapers in different locations with exactly the same name: The Sun, The Guardian, The Gazette, The Times, etc., are so common that they tell us nothing of their place of origin.)

Procedures -
Please cut out the article, write the name of the newspaper on it, the city and state of the paper, and the complete date and page numbers. Then get the article photocopied and send us the photocopy rather than the original.

Save articles over a period of time and then mail them to us all at once with a note indicating whether we can use your name (full of first only) in the newsletter to credit you with being our gatherer of local news for a given region. (See form below). We will not use your name, of course, without such permission. We do want to give you credit, however. If you change your mind about letting us give you credit, please notify us as soon as possible so we can remove your name from the next issue of the newsletter.

Send this simple form with each submission of articles:
City, State, Country
Name to use in newsletter (write it, or put “none”)

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Wanted: volunteer writers

We are interested in publishing original articles submitted by their authors. Topics of interest include activism, self-help, opinion, and published letters-to-the-editor of newspapers, for example. If you want us to include a copyright notice, please indicate the year of completion of the article and the name of the copyright owner - usually the author. Copyright laws vary from country to country. We can also indicate “All Rights Reserved” on the article as well, if you wish. If you do not want your name used, please tell us.

Articles can be sent by regular snail mail or emailed to us as indicated at the bottom of this page.
If using email, please put “ARTICLE SUBMISSION” in the subject heading.

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Wanted: newsletter sponsors

Every so often, an organization or individual will send a large donation and qualify as a newsletter sponsor. Because of lack of money, we do not send our newsletter to everyone who wants it. We send it as much as possible to the indigent, but we must also be just to those who have worked hard to find the money to pay for a subscription.
(One woman sent us quarters taped to a piece of paper. Checks or money orders only though, please)!

We greatly appreciate all sponsors of our limited-mailing newsletters. Also, we want to find a mass-mailing sponsor so that we can send the newsletter and information about Survivor Connections, Inc. - at least one time - to all of the more than 3,900 survivors on our mailing list, and to the thousands of resources that we know of - many of whom do not yet even know about us.

A limited sponsorship, for our standard mailing, costs about $1,400, as of 2005; a full sponsorship for a large mailing costs $2700.

We estimate that a full one-time mailing to all survivors and resources, including printing, labels, envelopes, and postage, would run approximately $7,000.

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Wanted: donors

A donation to Survivor Connections, Inc., for the United States taxpayer, is tax deductible. SC is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in the United States. Donations in any amount are welcomed and appreciated. Checks, money orders, or cashier's checks only, please.

At present, 1993-2005, we have had no paid staff, although we would like that to change someday.

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Wanted: volunteer fundraisers

If you know - or are - a prominent person such as a well-known entertainer willing to do a free benefit appearance to raise money for Survivor Connections, please let us know.

If you have any other ideas that you can implement yourself, please also contact us.

Wanted: volunteer grantwriters
If you have grantwriting skills, your volunteer help would be greatly appreciated.

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