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Quotes about
Frank Fitzpatrick and his presentations

July 2, 1992, on PrimeTime Live.
Diane Sawyer on Frank Fitzpatrick

“In the story you’re about to see, the reawakened memory of one man forced a community, a church, and now a nation to face what happened back in the days when everyone wanted to look away.”

From later in the same broadcast

“Now these children are grown up and tracking him down - led by a man who says he’s going to see justice done.”

Comments from audience of Frank’s presentations at conferences

“Litany of names very moving and effective. Admiration, respect, and gratitude for your courage and persistence and continued witness - heroic & extraordinary virtue.”

“A job well done! Your presentation was outstanding. Your organization, of which my husband is a member, is to be commended.”

“A strong and courageous man. His testimony has helped many people.”

“Frank’s courage is truly inspiring. I was completely moved.”

“I found it encouraging and helpful. It has motivated me to speak out.”

“Frank & Sara: Thank you for what you’ve both done. Courage, kindness, and gentleness. Those words come to mind about you both. My life is changed. Love, Ann”

“Very good presentation. Very courageous and exciting. I liked the song/music especially. Very, very great.”

“Enjoyed his sense of humor, which has also helped me to survive my own sexual abuse.”

“What a gift you have given to so many survivors, a place and a home for support and courage.”

“Excellent presentation. Fun music pieces. Very sad and painful at times, but humor is a good method to help heal yourself.”