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Survivor Connections, Inc. maintains a confidential database of rape, incest, sexual assault, and child molestation perpetrators who have been reported to us by their former victims, or the former victim’s supportive relatives. The database is password protected and encrypted.

We do not track rumor or hearsay. The sole purpose of maintaining this information is to allow survivors of the same perpetrator the opportunity to reach each other. To further enhance this capability, we have also started a database of news items pertaining to sexual assault cases around the country.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, nationality, gender, sexual preference, job description, societal status, charisma, or political affiliation. We track all perpetrators equally.

Our database is national and soon will be international in scope. By its nature it is not - and never will be - open to public access. Information should be submitted by regular (“snail”) mail, rather than email for security reasons. We do not accept anonymous allegations. (top)

Other than Sara and Frank Fitzpatrick, only one other trusted survivor does data entry for the database that contains the names of perpetrators, or the mailing list of survivors and supporters who have contacted us. As the organization grows new people may eventually be needed to do data entry. These people will be screened, trained, and limited in the access they are given, when and if this occurs. As mentioned, our records are password protected and encrypted. No one anywhere has, or ever will have “on-line” access. Our records are private, personal, and confidential. They will remain so in order for us to function as a support system for survivors of sexual assault. (top)

In order for us to determine if the same person is being identified by two or more survivors, it is usually necessary for us to have more identifying information than just the person’s name. Helpful information includes where the abuse occurred, the year or years, the age of the perp, date of birth or social security number of the perp, the perp’s job, last known address, etcetera - whatever information is available to you. (top)

Our procedure for connecting survivors is to contact each one individually and ask if we can have her or his permission to give their name and phone number to the other survivor. Both people must agree to this for them to be connected.

On occasion, one survivor will request that he or she be the one to call the other without giving out their own phone number. The other survivor has to agree for the connection to be made using this method.

Please note: If we do not contact you, it is because there is no match so far. It is impossible for us to contact each of the thousands of survivors who report to us. (top)

We do not recommend waiting for the rare chance of another survivor surfacing before you take action. We have been successful in connecting survivors of about a dozen different perps at last count. Not all the perps have been priests. The more people that call us the better the odds become. Please help us and yourself by spreading the word about what we are doing. (top)

Reporting your perpetrator to us is just one step to take. Talking to us has nothing to do with any state or federal requirements that mandate that you must report child abuse. Also report your perpetrator to the police, your department of child protection services, your therapist, and an attorney who can represent you in a civil suit. Some states actually maintain their own database of reported but not convicted perpetrators. They will not give you the opportunity to contact other survivors of your perpetrator but at least will keep the person on a list of possible suspects for sexual assault cases in your area.

Please write to us and request a form. There is no charge for this service. Since we are a non-profit, and thus far completely supported by survivor-activist donations, however, any assistance is greatly appreciated.

If you want an old sample of The Survivor Activist, our newsletter (formerly mailed to subscribers), please send a check or money order payable to Survivor Connections, Inc., in the amount of $5.00 to cover postage and handling. Many articles are timeless.

The earliest connection between survivors of the same rape, incest, sexual assault, or child molestation perpetrator was made by Survivor Connections in 1993. (top)

Write to

Survivor Connections, Inc.
52 Lyndon Road
Cranston, RI 02905-1121
United States of America

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