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The Survivor Activist is a newsletter formerly available through regular (snail) mail, but. for the time being available now just online. (It's cheaper that way.) TSA contains news articles from around the world that are of interest to survivors of sexual abuse. Also included are calls for activism, and information on how to become a survivor activist. More articles will be posted online "when possible," eventually all the back issues.

A $25 per year donation to Survivor Connections, which is tax deductible in the USA (snail-mail subscriptions no longer available for now) helps to pay for our phone bill, office supplies, regular printing of notices or events, and postage. Till the present (1993-2004 so far) we have had no paid staff.

To receive a sample copy or an incomplete set of old issues, please send a check or money order for $5.00 - to cover printing, postage, and handling - payable to Survivor Connections, Inc. - and write to us at

Survivor Connections, Inc.
52 Lyndon Road
Cranston, RI 02905-1121 United States of America

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